ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

Yahoo has been Hacked

Yesterday it was confirmed that Yahoo, the 5th largest website in the world, was hacked in 2014. The massive data breach is said to have affected at least 500 million accounts. The information that has been compromised includes names, emails, passwords, telephone numbers and answers to some security questions. If you have a Yahoo account, we strongly recommend that you change your password immediately.


A few password tips

A lot of people panic when there is news like this. It’s certainly nothing to be flippant about, but you can be sensible with your details and protect your information. The first port of call is your password. Many people use the same password for everything or obvious passwords. You do need a lot of passwords in this online world we live in, but don’t become blasé about your log in details.


  • Don’t use a single password, if this is cracked all your accounts are open to a breach
  • Create long passwords, the longer they are the harder they are to crack
  • Don’t use obvious words or number, eg your name, year of birth
  • Don’t share your passwords with others
  • Use a string of memorable but random words for a strong password.


So you might be thinking now that you haven’t got a hope of thinking up a whole load of unique, strong  passwords, let alone remember them! Don’t worry! There are a plethora of both password generators and password keepers that you can use to make your life easier.

Password Generator

We like – you can choose the length of the password you need, and have a tick box selection of what type of characters you want to include. Click the button to generate your password and up it pops. You also get a password reminder, although in our opinion you’d still find it easier to use a password keeper. Here’s an example:


Generated rated password: ZpwuHMBaeGkq95eh

Password Reminder:
ZIP park walmart usa HULU MUSIC BESTBUY apple egg GOLF korean queen 9 5 egg hulu


Alternatively have a look at xkpasswd, again it generates a random, unique password with your conditions.

Password Keepers

You’ve now got a list of hard to crack passwords, and you certainly don’t want to keep them on a scrap of paper. Password keepers are available online and as mobile phone apps. Passpack is a great for a web option, and try Universal Password Manager for android or 1Password for iPhone.


However you create and manage your passwords, stay vigilant and change yours regularly. For more about passwords, have a look at this article we published earlier in the year.




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