ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

Why You Need a Documented IT Disposal Process

It doesn’t matter whether your business has 5 employees or 5000. Even if your business has just started up, at some point down the line you are going to have old IT equipment that needs disposing of.

But how do you manage this process? Does everything really need to be documented? Can’t we just format disks and throw them into the trash?

Here's why you need to effectively manage your IT asset disposal process and keep records for future reference – for every business.

To ensure you don’t have any data leaks

How security conscious is your organisation? Do you have information stored on your systems that has varying degrees of sensitivity? Having methods to classify the sensitivity of various systems is imperative to directing the manner in which various IT systems should be wiped and disposed of.

For instance, a machine that stored all your client information will need to be treated with more concern than your old web surfing machine in the lunch room. For each varying degree of sensitivity, you can have a separate documented disposal process to ensure that each process is optimised.

To conform to WEEE regulations

Did you know that many IT products contain hazardous waste, and disposing of them incorrectly may be an offence? The Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment Regulations (WEEE) gives directions as to how to classify particular waste products and then how to dispose of them properly including recycling and treatment.

In documenting your IT dispose process, you can have a classification matrix that can help to classify products covered by the WEEE, and then document that you have disposed of covered products appropriately, should you ever be audited.

To get the most ROI from your old hardware

There’s that other thing about old hardware – if it still has some working parts, then it might be worth something to someone! EBay and other selling avenues have given people a great opportunity to pick up second hand IT equipment and parts. If you’re thinking about getting rid of IT equipment, it would be wise to go down the reselling route for the best return on your initial investment.

Obviously this may not be possible with your most sensitive assets, however for others you will want to document where you’re trying to sell, what price a sold asset fetches, how long it took to sell, etc. etc.

Everything in business needs to be documented – and that includes your IT asset disposal process. Without a documented process in place, things are not repeatable and assets are not traceable. With a documented process in place, you will never again have to wonder what you need to do when a device reaches its end of life. This process can be refined over time and lead to better and more appropriate processes for your business.

Don’t dispose of assets in an ad-hoc fashion. Your business deserves better than that. Document, document, document, and dispose of old IT equipment in the best way that you can.

ITADwise is here to help whatever size company better understand the ITAD process.

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