ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

Managing Your Past Protecting Your Future

With Data being so highly sensitive in today’s competitive world, this process can be undertaken safely and confidentially at your own premises. Using cutting edge data destruction technology, our purpose built vehicles utilise specially designed shred-ding units that are fit for purpose and can shred hard disk drives to 6mm particles conforming to the most stringent standards and mandates.

To further complement our onboard services is a purpose built mobile data erasure laboratory that will meet all data sanitisation requirements. This means we are able to shred, erase and securely dispose of all of your IT, confidential documents and recycling needs at customer site, removing the need to transport and increase security issues.

The vehicle is completely self-sufficient and has two generators installed allowing us to carry out the activity in the remotest locations with resilience. If any device fails the data erasure process we are able within the same vehicle to shred or degauss the item within the same controlled environment.

We are able to shred any unit down to 6mm fractions which conforms to all HMG and MOD requirements for shredding which just rein-forces our solution is a one stop shop for all your data erasure and shredding requirements.

The mobile units also operate 12 onboard CCTV cam-eras allowing our customers to watch remotely, if required. The vehicles are further secured with steel re-en-forced sidings and locks to avoid any of the units being compromised or accessed by unauthorised personnel.

On-site Shredding Services 

Disposing of your computers HDD’s, CD’s, USB pens and paperwork should not be treated lightly and all measures to safeguard your confidential data should be embraced. Identity theft is on the rise and ITADwise has invested heavily against this growing threat with our purpose built vehicles and compliancy of our solutions. Our shredding & data erasure specialists will call at your office as frequently or infrequently as required, collect all of your unwanted IT and waste paper and shred it there and then, fully backed with a compliance and completion certificate.

What We Can Process

Data erasure of the following units:

Hard disk drives, USB pens, Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Server HDD technology.

Shredding the following devices:

Files, folders, HDDs, USB pens, CD’s, Mobile phones, Credit cards, ID cards, DLT tapes

High Throughput

Our mobile shredding solutions are designed to pro-cess high volumes of IT and paper per day. With the ability to process large quantities of data bearing de-vices or confidential files quickly and securely all from within the secure mobile unit further reduces the risk of information leaking.

Secure Containers 

As part of our mobile solutions, ITADwise understands its customer requirements for onsite security and storage facilities. So, we have invested and developed, a range of solutions to enable our customers to securely store IT equipment at site prior to removal and processing on our mobile recycling vehicles.

This is completed in three simple steps to make the whole experience easy to use

  • Choose the type of Secure Office Box that meets your IT disposal needs and we will ship them to you any-where in the UK.
  • You fill the Secure Office Box with the items you no longer require.
  • Contact our service desk via email or phone and we will arrange for our secure mobile vehicle to come to site and shred or erasure the equipment and documentation you have located in the containers.

Once this has been completed you will receive:

  • A certificate of destruction for the contents of the IT disposal box that we have processed.
  • A data disposal certificate if we have data erased any hard disk drives or other data bearing devices.
  • A full asset report of all of the items that we processed through the disposal service.

Mobile Data Erasure Service

ITADwise has developed a unique and market leading mobile data erasure solution all from within our secure mobile recycling vehicles. We have designed a data erasure lab that has the ability to wipe any form of media from HDD, Mobile phones, laptops, desktops, Server infrastructure to USB media. This is all done via our cho-sen data erasure solution software tool, Blancco.

Blancco accreditations in this field are unmatched and is a fully certified and approved data erasure tool of choice in the market place today and enables our customers to rest assured we are handling their data erasure needs with the up most confidence and control.

Each unit wiped will have a unique certificate produced showing that the unit has passed the data erasure process. This will contain asset and serial number information allowing the customer to show the complete process end to end for auditing and legal requirements.

The secure unit allows ITADwise to replicate the same controlled data erasure processes and environment we have at our IT recycling facility at the customer’s site, whilst allowing the customer to carry on with their day to day activity without any disruption to the working environment.

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