ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

ITAD Management Service

ITADWISE experts in managing the protection, privacy and security of your organisations end of life IT assets.

Why Choose ITADwise

We are market leaders in mobile recycling services and have invested in a unique solution that has been designed to cater for every requirement that can occur within the IT recycling service request. We are able to manage and control any request effectively, securely and comply with all legal and environmental legislation.

Our solution is the first of its kind that offers HDD, paper and data erasure services all within a secure, mobile, and self-sufficient recycling vehicle. It has been designed by a management team that has over 45 years’ experience with the IT recycling industry and a team that believe in service excellence and putting the customer’s needs first.

ITADwise’s mobile shredding service is a completely unique solution that covers three core areas of IT and paper recycling, all from within the same state of the art recycling vehicle. Shredding HDD’s to 6mm is often talked about but having the ability to deliver this service from within our mobile vehicle and also data erasure services is unique and market leading.

Our team of security cleared staff are focused on the needs of our customers and with a team that has overseen the disposal and reuse of over 3 million devices during their career history you can rest assured they will do all they can to ensure the customers experience is the most professional they have ever received.

A Trusted Team

Our team of security cleared personnel are of the highest pedigree and professionalism to install trust and peace of mind when working with sensitive company information.

  • H MG Security Policy Framework
  • H MG IA Standard No. 5 – Secure Sanitisation
  • BE EN 15713:2009 Secure destruction of confidential material – Code of practice
  • JSP 440 Joint Services Publication

Data Protection Act


Our hard drive destruction solutions are compliant with the data privacy legislation when provisioned to destroy and dispose of your paper or electronic data. Each completed collection comes with a destruction certificate as part of our standard service. Should you require a more detailed report around storage references, IT-ADwise would be happy to provide if requested, photo images of devices/boxes which can be included into the destruction certificate. As with all ITADwise Security services, our mobile team are all security cleared.

Strict industry standards and government regulations are in place that force organisations to mitigate the risk of unauthorized exposure of confidential corporate and government data. These regulations include HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act); FACTA (The Fair and Accurate Credit Transactions Act of 2003); GLB (Gramm- Leach Bliley); Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX); and Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

Failure to comply can result in fines and damage to company reputation, as well as civil and criminal liability. By utilising ITADwise’s secure shredding services you mitigate the risk completely as it is impossible to reconstruct and recover the data once a unit has been shredded by our team.

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